Yii password, repeat password fields

class User extends CActiveRecord

    public $repeat_password;

    public static function model($className=__CLASS__)
        return parent::model($className);

    public function tableName()
        return 'users';

    public function rules()
        return array(
            array('username', 'required'),
            array('password, repeat_password', 'required', 'on' => 'create'),
            array('password, repeat_password', 'length', 'min' => 6, 'max' => 30, 'on' => array('create', 'update')),
            array('password', 'compare', 'compareAttribute' => 'repeat_password', 'on' => array('create', 'update')),
            array('password, repeat_password', 'length', 'min' => 8),
            array('username', 'length', 'max' => 60),
            array('username', 'unique'),
            array('id, username', 'safe', 'on' => 'search'),

    public function attributeLabels()
        return array(
            'id' => 'ID',
            'username' => 'Username',
            'password' => 'Password',

    public function search()
        $criteria = new CDbCriteria;

        $criteria->compare('id', $this->id, true);
        $criteria->compare('username', $this->username, true);
        return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(
                    'criteria' => $criteria,

    public function encrypt($parameter)
        return md5($parameter);

    public function beforeSave()
        if (!empty($this->password) && strlen($this->password))
            $this->password = $this->encrypt($this->password);
        } else
            if (empty($this->password))
                $this->password = $this->findByPk($this->id)->password;
        return parent::beforeSave();


One thought on “Yii password, repeat password fields

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